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The Currency Shop is a free comparison site for Australian businesses. Compare quotes from Australian banks and payment providers

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“I can't thank you enough Justin, not only have you saved my business a lot of money, but you've also made me more aware about several aspects of conducting transactions that hugely affect the efficiency and effectiveness of my business. I'm also so happy that I exchanged my money to US before leaving on my last overseas business trip, as the dollar dropped quite a bit in the proceeding days … I will definitely be going back (to The Currency Shop) when I need to exchange money next & every time I need to do an overseas transaction too.”  

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The Currency Shop will find the best exchange rate for your international transfers. Get a free exchange rate comparison in minutes. 

  • No need to change banks

  • Licensed and independent

  • Reduce the cost of your international transactions


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The Currency Shop is licensed by the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC). For more information, see our Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy or Financial Services Guide


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The Currency Shop offers free personalised advice via phone, email or even face-to-face if it all seems a bit overwhelming. Get in contact to arrange a chat with one of our local consultants, you'll be surprised by what's out there.  

We act as the intermediary between you and the financial institutions, ensuring you get the most competitive rates possible on your foreign exchange transactions.

The best part is that just like a mortgage broker, our services don't cost you a cent. 

So whether you're an importer paying a supplier in a foreign currency, an expat sending money home, or a holidaymaker looking for the best deal on Travel Money, avoid the hassle of shopping around and get in touch today.  


"Before we found out about The Currency Shop, we’d always taken risk with our foreign currency transactions – based on exchange rates going up and down.

I am a financial controller and I wasn’t willing to be that risky – my job is about watching the budget.

Within a day, The Currency Shop team had three different places we could use, had made recommendations and also directly linked me up with a provider that had a great rate for me.

Our recycling arm uses equipment that is recycled and re-sold. We have a number of international purchases we manage and we need to find the best rate and also choosing a way that just runs smoothly.

I asked the bank if they could help us out but I got the feeling it was just more paperwork for them and I could tell they weren’t interested. We saved $200-$300 in fees by not going to a major bank, in the end.

Plus, we needed to pay a deposit in US dollars. If I had not hedged that based on the advice I received from The Currency Shop, it would have cost us another $60,000. That’s a massive saving for a business."



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We only partner with licensed and regulated Australian banks and currency providers so you'll know your money is safe when you make your transfer.

  • ANZ
  • Travelex
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • OFX
  • TorFX
  • Travel Money Oz

The Currency Shop is a free comparison site for Australian businesses. Compare quotes from Australian banks and payment providers

Compare Exchange Rates Now

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