Saved $6,000 on UK Money Transfer

Saved $6,000 on UK Money Transfer

With help from The Currency Shop, Graham saved $6,000 on a money transfer from the UK.

After selling my home in London, I was looking for UK money transfer options. I needed to get my money back to Australia to buy a house in Melbourne. When the right house came along, I wanted to be able to snatch it up.

I’ve transferred money before, a few thousand here and there, but never such a large amount. I knew the difference of a few cents in an exchange rate could cost me a lot in the end. When hunting for a good rate, I came across The Currency Shop, and it turned out to be my last stop.

Justin of The Currency Shop was kind enough to meet with me for a coffee. He took the time to understand my needs, then talked me through my options and explained everything. In the end, he suggested the two best currency exchange companies for my situation. I chose Torfx because they had the best rates at the time. Justin consulted with me throughout the whole process. He was very personable, knowledgeable, and helpful. It’s not everyday that someone will take time out of their day to explain every step of a process. I really can’t thank him enough.

I decided to use The Currency Shop to exchange my money because of the choices of rates they offered. I’m glad I did; it was the easiest and most efficient form of transfer. I ended up saving $5-6,000AUD transferring my money with Torfx instead of my bank. That’s a big savings when considering it’s just exchanging money.

Recently, I found a house and bought it. I could afford a bit more with the great exchange rate I found with The Currency Shop. I really think everyone should give them a go and compare rates. It might put more money in your bank account in the end.





About Justin


Justin Rampono loves travelling, the Hawthorn Football Club and helping people to save money. He started The Currency Shop to continue his passions after spending 15 years working at Australian banks and foreign exchange companies. Justin enjoys having a chat and values positive relationships with his friends, family, customers and business partners.

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