Australian Dollar to US Dollar

Wholesale exchange rate updated just now
1 AUD => 0.7188 USD
1 USD => 1.3912 AUD
High: 0.7223
Low: 0.7184
Average: 0.7203

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AUD to USD Forecasts

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The Australian dollar (AUD) has dropped over 10% since the highs of 81 cents reached in January.

What does this mean for the major bank AUD to USD forecasts in the near-term and going into next year? And have they changed after the Australian dollar hit recent lows? This article presents the different bank outlooks and is updated regularly.

AUD Coins

Top currencies

1 AUD10.71880.63310.57211.045581.436510462.1344.9682
1 USD1.391210.88080.7961.4546113.295145556.9118
1 EUR1.5791.13510.90371.6509128.6316519.9257.8448
1 GBP1.74781.25641.106611.8274142.338218286.17428.6836

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