How to Transfer Money Overseas at Australia Post

Our practical guide to sending money overseas using a Post Office in Australia.

Australia Post outlets are part of the large Western Union network. In essence, your international money transfer goes through Western Union. The post office is just the store-front. So the exchange rate is set by Western Union – not Australia Post

How to use AusPost to send money overseas

Sending money overseas through the Post Office can be done online or in-store at a participating Australia Post outlet.


If completing your transfer online, the Australia Post website redirects you to Western Union.



If going into a Post Office, you will be required to complete the Western Union Money Transfer Transaction Form.

Compare cheaper ways to transfer money overseas

Before you head down to the Australia Post Office

There are 4 pieces of information you’ll need, no matter where you are transferring the money

  1. SWIFT code of the bank you are sending the money to
  2. The name of the bank
  3. An Account name
  4. An Account number

What other options are there to transfer money overseas?

For payments under $1000, the Post Office is a reasonable option. Other common ways to send money overseas are Moneygram or Paypal.


For larger payments over $1000, most Australians use a bank to transfer money overseas, but it’s not the only option you have. Some people choose to transfer money overseas using a currency company instead of a bank. Each option comes with their own benefits, fees and charges. Make sure you do your research and compare each option before you transfer money.