NAB Travel Money

Learn more about NAB travel and foreign exchange. Find out where, when and how to buy foreign exchange for overseas travel. Includes the most common fees, charges and exchange rate commissions.

Buying Travel Money

There are two ways you can get some foreign currency for your next overseas trip – in a branch or ordering it online.



Most NAB branches will have a limited stock of the most common currencies. If you want to check the exchange rate before you go in, click here. If you need a larger amount of currency or are travelling to a less common country, ordering online and picking it up in the branch may be a better option.


Ordering Online

You can order travel money online through this link. It is a very easy process but you must pay for the currency via BPAY. It also takes a minimum of 5 business days before you can pick it up from the branch you choose. Unlike buying from the branch, there is no $10 fee if you order online.


What currencies are available?

NAB offer over 50 currencies online but the branches will have limited stock of the major currencies such as US Dollars (USD) Euros (Euro) British Pounds (GBP) and Japanese Yen (JPY).


Charges, Fees and Commissions

NAB don’t charge a commission but does charge a $10 if you buy currency at the branch.

NAB Compared and Reviewed

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