Exchange Rates

Live exchange rates are updated every 30 seconds.
* Rates are indicative only and may vary at the time of transaction.

Currency Rate * Name Country Actions
USD USD 0.7915 US Dollars USA
EUR EUR 0.6788 Euro European Union
GBP GBP 0.6091 British Pound United Kingdom
JPY JPY 87.9843 Japanese Yen Japan
CNY CNY 5.3564 Chinese Renminbi China
NZD NZD 1.0617 New Zealand Dollar New Zealand
HKD HKD 6.1817 Hong Kong Dollar Hong Kong
INR INR 51.0223 Indian Rupee India
IDR IDR 10549.5785 Indonesian Rupee Indonesia
SGD SGD 1.0783 Singapore Dollar Singapore
ZAR ZAR 10.2231 South African Rand South Africa
THB THB 26.4848 Thai Baht Thailand