InstaReM Australia Coupon Code for 2019

Bonus on your first money transfer

An exclusive first-transfer bonus for The Currency Shop Clients. Make sure that you use the correct coupon code while setting up your first transaction on InstaReM.
Please use coupon code THECS10 to receive a bonus of USD 10 equivalent on your first transaction with InstaReM.

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How to send money overseas using InstaReM

There are three main steps to setting up an account with InstaReM, which we have outlined below.

  1. Register. Build your customer profile on InstaReM by filling up your details.
  2. Upload docs: Upload your documents or opt for eKYC to get your account verified
  3. Make Your Transfer. Once your account is verified, input the recipient's bank details and make the transfer.

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May 28th, 2021