Learn about the Bendigo Bank Prepaid Cash Passport: in this review to help you decide whether this is the card for you.

TickReloadable Prepaid Cash Passport
TickLoad up to 10 currencies
TickNo charge of POS transactions
TickLock in exchange rate
Tick24/7 global assist service

Bendigo Travel Card

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Pros & Cons


Pros Cons
Check Mark No purchase or replacement fee Cross You need to be a Bendigo Account holder
Check Mark No foreign currency conversion fee Cross $10 cash out fee
Check Mark Free reloads Cross 1% reload fee via BPAY
Check Mark Cash Passport App  



Benefits of the Bendigo Bank Prepaid Cash Passport



 Manage your money

  • View available balance and transaction history online via ‘My Account’ as well as reload and transfer funds between currencies
  • Cash out your remaining balance on your return, direct to your nominated bank account
  • Transfer between different currencies on your card



  • Chip and PIN protected
  • Automatic SMS alerts relating to your Cash Passport or card activity


Mastrcard Icon Convenience

  • Access your money worldwide where there is a Mastercard symbol
  • Use in-store, over the counter, or online with overseas retailers
  • Contactless under $100AUD
  • Load both foreign currencies and AUD to your card


Savings Savings

  • When you load or reload your card, you lock in the exchange rates of that day
  • No charge for international transaction fee when you pay in a currency you have loaded
  • Enjoy exclusive offers and benefits from being a Cash Passport holder



Currencies and Countries


Currencies Supported

Australia Flag Australian dollars (AUD)

US Flag US dollars (USD)

Euro Flag Euro (EUR)

UK Flag Great British pounds (GBP)

New Zealand Flag New Zealand dollars

Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong dollars (HKD)

Canada Flag Canadian dollars (CAD)

Singapore Flag Singapore dollars (SGD)

Thailand Flag Thai baht (THB)

Japan Flag Japanese yen (JPY)


Load Amounts


Minimum Load Maximum Load
$100 $100,000



Transaction Limits


ATM Withdrawal Limit (24 hours) POS Transaction Limit (24 hours)*

AUD 3,000 (or currency equivalent)

AUD 15,000 (or currency equivalent)


*Free transaction fee on POS unless in a currency not supported



All prices are in AUD

Card Purchase Initial Load Reload Funds
Free Free* Free (online and Bank Transfer) 1% via BPAY



Foreign Currency Conversion* Inactivity Fee Cash Out
Free** Nil $10



Negative Balance Replacement Card
Free Free


*Foreign currency conversion is charged when you spend in a currency that is not loaded or 
**The spend rate will apply to foreign exchange transactions in accordance with the Terms and Conditions


International Card to Card Fees* Number of Loads

AUD 5.00
CAD 5.00
GBP 3.00
NZD 5.00
SGD 5.00

USD 4.00
EUR 3.50
HKD 30.00
JPY 375
THB 115


*When you transfer funds to a New Zealand Cash Passport using international card-to-card functionality
Maximum amount you can transfer to a New Zealand Cash Passport in any 24-hour period – $20,000AUD


ATM Withdrawal Fees*

AUD 3.50

GBP 2.00

NZD 3.50

HKD 17.00

THB 80.00


USD 2.50

EUR 2.20

CAD 3.00

SGD 3.50

JPY 220


Domestic ATM fee of 2.95% when withdraw cash out in Australia
*All balance enquiry fees are free for all currencies
**For international ATM withdrawals in countries not mentioned above or insufficient funds in the relevant Currency to cover the whole transaction


Case Study

Nicola has banked with Bendigo for over five years. She is Australian but visits Rome once a year to see her best friend who emigrated there four years ago. 

Nicola had heard of the benefits you could get through being a Cash Passport holder from her friends, but didn’t realise that her bank offered the Bendigo Cash Passport exclusively to existing customers. When withdrawing money one day, she decided to enquire. 

She wanted an easy and secure way of managing her money while she was in Rome, and found that through getting a prepaid travel card through her bank, she could easily transfer her AUD funds into EUR on her card – perfect for when they wanted to have a few cocktails by the Coliseum!

Nicola didn’t have to worry about the safety of her cash either – she knew it was secure. She could easily view her balance and transaction history online too, keeping her worry-free while she was abroad. 


How To Apply for the Bendigo Bank Prepaid Cash Passport



Bendigo Bank Logo

Bendigo Travel Card

Order your card through Bendigo Bank or call up a branch closest to you

 Check Mark Order your card at a branch

Check Mark Lock in your currencies and exchange rates

Check Mark Use your card online or overseas


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