RedRate Exchange Review

RedRate Exchange have branches in both Western Australia and Victoria. Centrally located in the Perth CBD they are an accessible option if you are near the city

The Currency Shop says:

  • RedRate offer very good rates across a number of popular currencies.
  • Their website boasts a lot of content and is very informative.
  • Use our money exchange comparison tool to compare online rates for exchanging currency in Australia.


What We Will Cover:

  • Pros and cons.
  • Fees, charges and commissions
  • Payment options
  • Exchange rates
  • Overseas transfers
  • Available currencies
  • Travel Cards
  • Deal with most major currencies
  • Competitive exchange rates which beat rates from major banks and a lot of competitors .
  • Ability to preorder online and organise a pickup location.
  • Surcharge for card payments.
  • No travel cards or money transfer services available.
  • Not many locations in Perth CBD.

Fees, Charges and Commissions

RedRate Exchange do not charge any fees or commissions. To compare the fees and rates of a number of currency exchange providers in Australia, you can use our comparison table and order currency online.

Exchange Rates

RedRate offers competitive rates across a lot of major currencies. The Currency Shop did research in 2017 and found they had the most competitive rates in Perth across most major currencies including USD, GBP and THB. You can use our live rate tracker to get an idea of what the exchange rate is for each currency at the moment.

Payment Options

RedRate Exchange will accept both cash and card payments. However, they do charge a 1% surcharge for credit card payments.

Overseas Transfers

RedRate Exchange only offer money exchange as a service, they don’t allow you to transfer money overseas.

Available Currencies

RedRate boasts money exchange for over 50 currencies. These include USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, NZD, INR, IDR, THB, KRW, SGD, CAD. For more information you can refer to their website.

Travel Cards

Travel cards are not available from RedRate Exchange.

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Last updated
May 6th, 2020