Suncorp Cash Passport Review

Learn about the Suncorp Cash Passport in this review to help you decide whether this is the card for you.

  • Use the Cash Passport App
  • Load up to 10 currencies
  • Lock in exchange rates
  • Use at over 35.9 million Mastercard locations
  • No set up or reload fees when you order online

Pros and cons of using Suncorp Cash Passport

  • Free replacement card
  • 24/7 Global Assistance
  • No international ATM withdrawal fees
  • Greater of 1.1% of $15 initial and reload fee
  • Domestic bank ATM withdrawal fee
  • $10 closure fee

Benefits of the Suncorp Cash Passport


  • Top up online, and check your balance via the Cash Passport app, or online/phone


  • Chip and PIN protected with signature panel
  • 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance
  • Free second back-up card provided
  • Free replacement card in event of lost or stolen cards


  • Withdraw local currency at over 2.1 million ATMs worldwide
  • Use online, pay directly through Mastercard merchants or withdraw at any ATM
  • Enables you to load both AUD and foreign currencies directly onto the card
  • Unlimited reloads

Manage Your Money

  • Lock in exchange rates and avoid fluctuations


All prices are in AUD

Card Purchase Initial Load Reload Funds
1.1% of initial load of $15 Fee is set and charged by agent from which you purchased the card $5 flat fee per reload (web & mobile)

1% (BPAY)
or greater of 1.1% or $15 of reload amount



Foreign Currency Conversion* Inactivity Fee Card Termination
Mastercard rate plus 5.95% of transaction value** $4 per month $10



Negative Balance Replacement Card
$20 Free

* Foreign currency conversion is charged when you spend in a currency that is not loaded or supported on the card

**The MasterCard rate is the exchange rate determined by MasterCard to be their wholesale rate or the government mandated rate in effect in the day the transaction is processed by MasterCard.


ATM Fees

No International ATM withdrawal fee (fee may be imposed by ATM operator

2.95% domestic ATM withdrawal fee

Currencies and Countries

Currencies Supported

  • Australian dollars (AUD)
  • US dollars (USD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Great British pounds (GBP)
  • New Zealand dollars (NZD)
  • Hong Kong dollars (HKD
  • Canadian dollars (CAD)
  • Singapore dollars (SGD)
  • Thai baht (THB)
  • Japanese yen (JPY)


Load Amounts

  • Minimum Load: $100 (BPAY and Debit)
  • Maximum Load: $100,000, $25,000 (via BPAY), $15,000 – $60,000 (via Debit, depending on time period)


Transaction Limits

  • ATM Withdrawal Limit (24 hours) : AUD 3,000 (or currency equivalent)
  • POS Transaction Limit (24 hours): AUD 15,000 (or currency equivalent)

Case Study

Lola goes on skiing holidays up to 3 times a year, either in New Zealand, Japan or Canada. Every time she leaves, she buys her currency in cash and sometimes when it runs out, she uses her Debit card abroad.

Lola became increasingly frustrated with being subject to the charges of exchange rate fluctuations and overspending her AUD while abroad.

What Lola didn’t know was that Suncorp offered a Cash Passport that avoided all exchange rate fluctuations, as well as having unlimited reloads – handy if she ever bought too many beers after the slopes! She could pay with ease via the Cash Passport app for her skiing activities, as well as hotels and dining knowing that her budget was protected.

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