WorldEx Review

WorldEx is based in the Adelaide CBD, and as a company pride themselves on knowing the South Australian market inside out. Centrally located they’re a very convenient option if you’re in or near the city. In this WorldEx Review, we uncover everything there is to know about this currency exchange service.

WorldEx Review

The Currency Shop Says:

  • Good option for currencies such as USD, EUR and THB.
  • They don’t charge any fees or commissions.
  • Use our comparison table to compare online rates for currency providers in Australia.


What We Will Cover:

  • Fees, charges and commissions
  • Payment options
  • Exchange rates
  • Overseas transfers
  • Available currencies
  • Travel cards
  • Pros and cons

  • Deal with most major currencies
  • Competitive exchange rates which beat rates from major banks.
  • Good business hours, open everyday including the weekend.
  • They only accept cash as payment.
  • Limited information available on their website.
  • Not many locations, based only in the Adelaide CBD.

Exchange Rates

They offer quite competitive exchange rates as compared to other providers, especially for currencies such as THB and sometimes common currencies such as USD.

Fees, Charges and Commissions

No fees or commission will be charged when you purchase currency from the WorldEx store. To compare fees and rates of Australian currency exchange providers, use our comparison page.

Payment Options

WorldEx prefer that you pay in cash, however will let you pay via debit if you’re purchasing more than $1000AUD worth of currency.

Overseas transfers

WorldEx do not offer an international transfer service. They specialise in only buying and selling foreign currency.

Available Currencies

WorldEx work with over 60 different currencies. To find out if they can provide the currency you require, you can call them or visit their branch in the Adelaide CBD. You can also visit their website for more information.

Travel Cards

Travel cards are not available from WorldEx, they will only allow you to purchase currency as cash.

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May 5th, 2020