Top Tips For Older Travelers

Group of senior friends drinking wine on a yacht

Looking for ideas on how to make your next holiday or business trip smooth? When you’re an older traveler, there are added things to consider and safety, convenience and easy access can be even more important.

Budget is also critical, with many retirement-age travel-lovers forced to watch their dollars even more closely.

Helpful tips to enjoy a stress-free holiday


Plan Your Trip

Retired Travellers

Organised tours, cruises and carefully planned holidays make it easy to plot your budget – almost down to the last cent. Factor in costs for all connecting travel, such as ferries, in-country flights, train or bus travel and extra allocation for taxis or private drivers. If you have planned trips to museums and galleries, check the days that offer discounted entry and4.  also look for restaurants that offer special prices at set times of day or night.


Loyalty matters

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty reward programs can offer a range of discounts – from 2-for-1 travel or accommodation, car rental specials and other last-minute accommodation deals. They can also boost your tally for reward points that may get you other bonuses back home.


Exchange Your Home

Home Exchange

Depending on the location and style of your home, you may be the perfect candidate for a home exchange deal, where your home is available for other global travellers to use and you are able to access a home in the country of your choice. There are a number of websites that offer listings – always read the reviews and look for good quality images.

If you’re not in a hurry to head home, consider extending your stay – accommodation deals for longer holidays can offer very god value but make sure you balance potential savings against the extra costs associated with staying away longer.


Protect Your Holiday Investment

Holiday Insurance

Your health is your most precious asset and before you go away, it’s important to make sure it’s protected. If your health insurance won’t cover you overseas, it’s time to bump up your policy or find some additional, specific cover, that takes your travel style and destination in mind. Yes, the premiums will go up but it’s still a lot cheaper than getting the bill for that emergency medical procedure on your next trip.


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