Where to Find the Best Currency Exchange Rates in the Adelaide CBD

Currency Exchange in Adelaide

Currency exchange in the Adelaide CBD is easy because all the best money changers are located within 200 metres of each other. We found that few charged a fee and their exchange rates where as good as Melbourne or Sydney. Overall, the level of service you'll receive is pretty good and most hold a good mix and stock of currencies.

Where to exchange money in Adelaide

On the day we compared all the money exchange stores, all the best exchange rates came from King William Street. Travel Money Oz and WorldEx had the best US dollar rate while Unimoni had the best rates to sell currency. ANZ was the best of the banks within a friendly service in a safe, professional branch.

All the money changes we spoke to asked for I.D so make sure you bring some. Most of them offered payment by card but keep in mind, it usually comes with a card fee which is higher for credit cards.

Use our guide to find out where to buy travel money in the Adelaide CBD.

Money Changer Address Rating
Travel Money Oz 33-39 King William Street 8.6
First Eastern FX Shop 30 Central Market Arcade, 39 Grote St 8.4
Unimoni 80 King William Street 8.2
ANZ Bank 121 King William Street 7.6
City Forex Southern Cross Arcade, 24A/52-62 King William Street 7.2
Travelex Shop 4, Beehive Corner, Rundle Mall 7.0
Worldex 65 King William Street 6.6
Commonwealth Bank 96 King William Street 5.5
Travel Money Oz 65 Grenfell St Unrated
Foreign Xchange Executor Trustee Building, Level 2/22 Grenfell St Unrated
Travelex Inside Aust Post, Shop 59, Level 1 City Cross SC, 33-39 Rundle Mall Unrated
Unimoni 33 King William Street Unrated

How we rated them

Many of you might be wondering how we came up with our scores out of ten. After our exhaustive walk around the Adelaide CBD, we chose 5 categories to judge on, based on what we thought would be most valuable to you, the consumer. They were:

  • Exchange Rate - At the end of the day, this is the most important category. The better the exchange rate, the higher the score.
  • Customer Service - We all appreciate good customer service, service that is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.
  • Stock of Currency - Being able to walk away with your nominated currency immediately is a prerequisite for most customers. So we asked each money changer if they had a number of common and less popular currencies on hand.
  • Safety - This score was based from the location of the store and the security offered.
  • Payment Options - We asked all the money changers what type of payments they accepted to score them.

After we choose our categories we weighted them based on importance within the transaction. It is no surprise that exchange rate was weighted the heaviest (40%), customer service was next (20%), stock of currency (15%), followed by safety (15%) and finally payment options (10%).

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How to get the best exchange rates in Adelaide

If you want the absolute best exchange rate at the money exchangers in Adelaide, you still need to do a bit of leg work. Luckily the 3 of the best places in Adelaide are within about 70 metres of each other.


On Foot Walk into Unimoni (33 King William), then next store to Travel Money Oz (33-39 King William) and across the road to Travelex (Rundle Mall) and get their exchange rate


Online Compare the in-store rates and fees to what you can get online


Check Once you've chosen the best exchange rate, check for any additional fees they charge

Money exchange reviews

Travel Money Oz Review

Just inside the Flight Centre on King William Street, this branch had excellent USD rates and prompt and attentive service. They had a good stock of currencies and all the usual payment options.

Unimoni (formally UAE Exchange)

Friendly, professional, with some of the best exchange rates particularly for selling currency to them. There are bank limits for eftpos and photo ID is required.


Very good service in the Beehive branch although their exchange rates aren't as competitive as money changers nearby. Their exchange rates are much better if you order online and pick up in-store.

ANZ Foreign Exchange

A well staffed branch with a dedicated counter for foreign exchange. They provide good service and will print out a copy of a quote if you want to shop around. They also have a list of their rates on the counter if you don't want to wait in line.

Commonwealth Bank

Service is slow, but helpful and friendly. Much like ANZ, their exchange rates are not great. If you are not a Comm Bank member, you need to set up a profile, which takes 10-15 minutes.


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