How to Find a Better Exchange Rate at Brisbane Airport

If you are travelling internationally and need to make currency exchange in Brisbane Airport, this article is for you.
We look at the various ways you can exchange your money and give you some practical tips to save money.

Currency Exchange in Brisbane Airport

There are three ways of getting travel money at the airport:


1. Pre-order and grab it at Brisbane airport

Of all the options, this is drives your dollar further. Online exchange rates are significantly better than buying it on the day you leave at over the counter. Travelex have 11 pick up locations at Brisbane Airport.

It's really easy:

  1. Order your currency online and choose a pick up location as Brisbane Airport
  2. Pay for it using BPAY (and avoid the card fee!)
  3. Pick up your ordered currency

Please keep in mind, you'll avoid the card fee if you choose BPAY. The rate is locked in on the day you book the transaction. You can choose your pick up date but if you use BPAY, you'll need to allow at least 3 business days. Also, they offer a better rate for amounts above $2000 but have a maximum transaction size of $5000.

Order Currency

2. Over the counter in person

There are plenty of places to exchange currency at Brisbane Airport. We've broken it down into International Arrivals, International Departures and Domestic –

International Departures -There are five Travelex outlets: two at Duty Free, two on Level 4 and one near gate 80.

International Arrivals – There are two mobile counters near the baggage carousels, one near gates 79-80 and one on Level 2

Domestic Terminal – There are two options in the domestic terminal. One is near gate 22

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Pre Order Currency & Pick Up at the Airport

3. ATM's

There are about 20 Travelex ATM's throughout all 3 terminals. Please note that the exchange rates at the ATM's are often different to those online or over the counter. They also only stock a limited number of currencies like US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR) and New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

3 Ways you can get more out of your money

Don't leave it to the last minute

Most of the time, the best exchange rates are either online or in Brisbane CBD. If you are prepared, you can compare exchange rates online or over the phone, find the best deal and arrange to either buy it in person or online (picking it up later). Even ordering it online and picking it up at Brisbane airport is much cheaper than buying it over the counter just before you fly out.

Avoid the most common fees

Travelex don't charge commission over the counter however their exchange rates are considerably worse than outside Brisbane airport. Online, they have a 0.8% card fee that Travelex apply to online transactions.

If you are buying currency online, choose to pay through BPAY to avoid the card fee. Please note that if you are going to use this option you need to allow 3-4 business days before your trip to allow time to pick it up in time.

Buy your currency overseas after you leave

In some cases, it could work out better to purchase your foreign exchange in the country you are going to rather than exchanging it before you leave. Good examples are popular spots in Thailand, London and New Zealand (depending on where you go). The downside is that it is a lot harder to find the best exchange rate when you away from home and you are running a higher risk of being scammed.

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