ANZ Travel and Foreign Exchange

Learn more about ANZ travel and foreign exchange. Find out where, when and how to buy foreign exchange for overseas travel. Includes the most common fees, charges and exchange rate commissions.

How to Buy Foreign Exchange: Currency in Cash

ANZ sells currency from Foreign Exchange Centres, Branches and ATM’s. If you are already an ANZ customer, you can also get currency by ordering it online through internet banking or via Phone Banking.

If you are in a rush, use a Foreign Exchange Centre or an ATM. Local ANZ branches often hold a limited stock of the most popular currencies. This means that in a lot of cases, you have to order the currency in which can take a few days, in which time the exchange rate can move considerably. Unfortunately, ordering it from internet banking or phone banking isn’t much quicker.



The Foreign Exchange Centres are useful but are limited to the CBD of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth along with the airports in Sydney and Melbourne. The Foreign Currency ATM’s are even more limited with 3 in Melbourne, 1 at Sydney Airport and 1 at Adelaide airport.


Charges, Fees and Commissions

ANZ charges a fee of 1% of any currency bought with a minimum fee of $8

This fee is not applicable to existing ANZ customers.

What currencies ANZ foreign exchange buy and sell

ANZ buy and sell most major currencies (over 50 in total) but it’s important to understand that not every branch will hold every currency. Foreign Exchange Centres and the airport will have the best stock of the most common currencies. If you want to buy or sell an ‘exotic’ currency, they may have to order it in for you.

Where to find the right ANZ exchange rates, foreign exchange centres and ATM’s

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