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Are You In Business? Top 5 Online Business Resources – FREE

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If you’re in business, you appreciate information that helps your business run smoothly.

So what are some of the best sites for small business owners?

Our team of currency experts at The Currency Shop have done some research:


1: The Sydney Morning Herald – MySmallBusiness

Handy news and relevant business information for small business owners.

Your time is stretched already but this is easy to absorb because the section is conveniently divided into sub-categories for easy referencing.

Depending on where your business is at, you can choose from starting, growing, managing, trends, and finance.

The articles are timely and interesting and recently included some positive tips on using crowd-funding for your small business, plus some practical advice on how to get your products into leading department stores.


2: Business Insider Australia

You might not think of this title as one aimed at small business owners but there are lots of features and helpful advice.

features plenty of stories and useful advice for small business readers. Owned by Allure Media and edited by Paul Cogan, the site features tech, money, markets, and lifestyle topics relevant to both small and large businesses. With one click you can see what’s trending, which stories are popular on social media, and get some ideas for running and growing your business.


3: Flying Solo

This is more than a publication – it’s a community.

The audience is micro-business owners and there are more than 70,000 members currently registered – and getting bigger every day.

Easy-to-read sections cover everything from start-ups to technology tips for smooth business operations and also feature inspiring articles that showcase entrepreneurial success stories.

It’s about building your knowledge to help you build better business.


4: ANZ’s Small Business Hub

Yes, it’s published by a bank but that does not stop the info being positive and genuinely helpful.

Plenty of free stuff to download – including handy free templates and tools, PLUS you can watch videos and be part of the growing online community for smart networking.


5: Smart Company

It’s Australian but keeps a firm eye on international trends in business, with features that showcase business news from across the globe.

Experts from the worlds of technology, finance, marketing and more share their knowledge to help grow your business.