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The Best Blogs About Working Overseas

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Thinking of working overseas? Working abroad is an exciting adventure but it can come with some challenges that are important to understand.

The first steps to working overseas? Research! We’ve looked at some of the most useful blogs with information about working overseas to help you plan your next working holiday, stress-free.


Life Hacks for Working Abroad – Life Hacker

No matter what you want to find out about in easy-to-digest way, Life Hacker probably has you covered. And when it comes to living and working overseas, they won’t let you down.

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Verge Magazine

This online resource has some interesting travel-related articles about all kinds of ways to incorporate travel into your future. There are plenty of handy tips about studying overseas, volunteering abroad and working internationally too.

Don’t expect your standard travel article tips. One recent blog had insights into job opportunities for females travelling in the Middle East, while another piece focused on cultural quirks in Spain that are important for anyone planning to take the leap into their workforce.

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Teaching English Overseas – Nomadic Matt

This global nomad loves to travel and has had hands-on experience teaching English overseas in a couple of countries. His blog shares some practical information, plus the personal touch, and his series on teaching English abroad is a nice resource for anyone thinking about the opportunity.

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Living Life As an Expat – Easy Expat

So much info all in the one place on this site – everything from job ads, to classifieds for rooms for rent, a comprehensive expat FAQ and also a home for blogs written by various expats who are living (and working) the dream, first-hand.
The active discussion forums give you an opportunity to talk to others in your situation, and the job notices are updated daily to show you the wealth of opportunities that cover everything from teaching to au pairing – all around the globe.

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Planning a Working Holiday to The States? – Aussies in LA

Okay, so it’s not really a blog. But this active Facebook community is just that – a community. Its active members (and there are more than 10,000) pose questions, and get answers, on everything from living and working in LA, to where you can source those missed Aussie food treats while you’re on your working holiday. There’s a FB community like this one for almost any city or country you might be thinking about heading to. Some are more helpful and active than others and this is one of the good ones.
It’s a good place to explore how many wanna-be actors are out there sharing tips on getting the best jobs in hospitality but it also shares some very practical info about visa requirements, pay rates and other important tips for working well in another country.

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Holiday Travel Tips – STA Travel

A clever travel agent shares tips on how to travel more successfully and on this site, there are various articles about all kinds of travel opportunities – including working overseas.
Things to think about? Volunteer work, teaching assignments and those trips aimed more at the gap year portion of the population – summer camps and ski resorts. Some good travel/work basics worth brushing up on.

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Staying Safe While Working Overseas – Smart Traveller

Our government just wants you to be safe, really. So this site has a clear focus on the things you can do to work overseas – and come back to tell that tale. Tips on support systems and medical facilities is good info to have. After all, you can’t work if you’re not healthy, can you?

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