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You Could Work Anywhere in the World, Starting Right Now

Mother mum doing work while taking care of baby

The explosion in freelancing, self-employment and the “gig economy” means being an international worker is just a click away. You don’t even need to shift in your seat.

It’s never been easier to be a worldwide worker than it is right now. The internet has lowered all the barriers to entry and made it simple to work from home wherever you are in the world. As a freelancer, small business owner, or a member of the “gig economy” (think Uber, Fiverr, AirBNB, TaskRabbit etc.) we’re all able to make money for ourselves.


And why stop at your geographical borders? Being online makes your location irrelevant — If you’ve got the skills, talent, experience and expertise, you could work from home — For clients anywhere around the globe.


If you want to make the most out of it, here are some hints and tips:


  • Understand what you have to offer — Are you a writer, designer, coder, artist, illustrator or do you have some kind of marketable skill? Great, why not set yourself up as a freelancer? Even if you don’t have those types of skills, marketplaces like Fiverr let you sell products and services to a diverse range of buyers.


  • Discover new ways to get a job — There are lots of opportunities out there for freelancers and the self-employed. You can start by exploring online communities, tap into your own networks or approach employers you want to work with. Also, sign up on sites like Indeed and Monster to find roles you’d be well suited to, and remember you can work anywhere in the world.


  • Get all your paperwork in place — You need to make sure you do things in the right way. That means signing the right tax forms, registering properly, getting contracts in place and more. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds! You’ll still need to pay tax in your country of origin.


  • Do the work — Once you’ve got clients, be excellent at what you do. Build a reputation and start getting referrals to other clients. If you’re great at your work, you’ll build a strong online portfolio.


  • Get paid — Make sure you value your work well, and get paid what you’re worth. Never undersell your services.


  • Talk to an accountant about tax — OK, so tax isn’t the most exciting subject, but you’re going to need to get good advice. Find an accountant who specialises in overseas tax matters and talk to them about how to reduce your tax burden and declare everything clearly.


  • Don’t get short-changed on your exchange rates — However you get paid, make sure you get the best exchange rates when you transfer money back home. Spending some time looking through currency providers, or talking to us can definitely get you the best deal.

Above all, persevere. The world has become a much smaller place, and with the right approach, talent, and persistence, you can make the most of a worldwide reach.