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Find out whether XE is a good option for making international money and currency transfers.


XE is a well known and trusted name in the money transfer industry. With over twenty years experience, they now help 33,000 people and 2,000 businesses make transfers each year. Over 60 currencies can be transferred with XE and they pride themselves on the free tools and transparent rates they offer.

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What this article covers

We’re really interested in the safety and security of XE, and when you should use them. In this article, we’ll look specifically at:


 Pros and Cons

 Is XE a good option to transfer money overseas?

 Fees and charges of XE


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  • Well known and trusted brand.

  • Very informative website. Extensive information on currency and money transfers. Detailed FAQ page.

  • XE App is available on both iOS and Android. It allows you to see the interbank rate for over 100 currencies.

  • XE themselves charge no fees for international money transfers.

  • Offers support for both individuals and businesses when it comes to international money transfers. 

  • Also offer limit orders.  




  • Cannot pay via cash or cheque. Must pay via bank transfer, BPay is also accepted in Australia. 

  • Maximum transfer amount is $500,000USD. 
  • While XE compares more than 100 currencies, there are only 60 that are available for money transfers.








Is XE a good option to transfer money overseas?


With transparent information on their website and no fee structure, they are a good option when it comes to making international money transfers. 


The Currency Shop says:

  • XE is a trusted brand, and are a reliable option for international money transfers. 

  • They don't charge any transfer fees - but you won't be given the interbank rate for your transfer. Make sure you get a quote so you're aware of how much your transfer will cost. 

  • Use our comparison table to compare foreign exchange rates, fees and services of other providers.


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XE fees and charges


There are two charges you can come across with international money transfers - a transfer fee plus an exchange rate margin

1. Transfer Fee   2. Exchange Rate Margin 

XE do not charge a transfer fee for international money transfers. No matter the amount you are transferring, there will not be an additional charge for doing so. 

This is the difference between the interbank rate, and the rate you get for making your international transfer. 

XE will take a margin for making the transfer for you. While they don't charge a fee, it's important to be aware that the rate quoted on their exchange rate page is the interbank rate, not the rate you will receive. 



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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

XE take their legal responsibilities very seriously. They are regulated in every country they operate in, most importantly ASIC in Australia. They are also regulated by FinCen in the USA, the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and the FMA in New Zealand. XE has offices in Canada and the US. However, they have toll free numbers for Australia, UK and New Zealand as well. You can find their contact details here.  

XE is owned by Euronet Worldwide who acquired the company in 2015. Euronet also own HiFX and Ria. 

XE works under HiFX's Australian Financial Services Licence number which is 240914.

To transfer money overseas using XE, simply visit their website and create a personal or business account. It is easy to set up an account with XE, however, you will receive an email after you've filled in your details to upload some proof of identification. Once your account is verified, you'll be able to get a quote and send the money to XE to make the transfer for you. You can also read about the information you'll need to make an international transfer here

Once your order is confirmed you will need to make a bank transfer to XE who will then make the international transfer. XE only accept bank transfers as payment, however, in Australia you will also have the option to pay with BPAY. From XE's account, your funds will be sent to your recipient via the details you provided when confirming the order. 

XE does not charge any transfer fees for using their services. Just make sure you're aware of the exchange rate margin on the quote you receive. 

When it comes to making your payment to XE, you must make a bank transfer (or a BPay payment in Australia). They do not accept credit cards as a payment method. 

North America: Canadian Dollar (CAD), Mexican Peso (MXN), US Dollar (USD)

Europe: Swiss Franc (CHF), Czech Koruna (CZK), Danish Krone (DKK), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBF), Hungarian Forint (HUF), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Polish Zloty (PLN), Swedish Krona (SEK).

Africa: South African Rand (ZAR)

UAE: Emirati Dirham (AED)

Asia/Pacific: Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Indian Rupee (INR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Philipine Peso (PHP), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Thai Baht (THB), Australian Dollar (AUD), Fijian Dollar (FJD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Papua New Guinean Kina (PGK), Solomon Islander Dollar (SBD), Tongan Pa'anga (TOP), Ni-Vanuatu Vatu (VUV), Samoan Tala (WST), CFP Franc (XPF). 



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