Where You'll Get the Best AUD to GHS Exchange Rates

Where to find the best AUD to GHS cash rate

In Australia, the best cash rates are found in major cities.
We regularly check the main money changers in each CBD to find out the best exchange rates in town.

How to track down the best rate

You can either walk around to each money changer, try and call each one and check their rate or you can use our city and suburb guides:



Online exchange rates

Unless you are heading into the city or exchanging a big wad of cash, buying currency online can often be the best way to change AUD to GHS. You can choose where to pick the order up from, and in some instances can get home delivery.


How to track down the best rate

It's much easier to compare AUD to GHS exchange rates online than in-store.

You can either go to each website and check their rate or use our comparison tool. Simply click one of the following buttons:

How to get the best AUD to GHS transfer rates

Sending money overseas can be full of loaded fees. Because every company has different exchange rates and fees, finding the best deal can be a minefield.

How to track down the best rate

We bring together all your options, highlight the fees and rates per money transfer provider, and show you the best possible deals. With all the information in one place, you know you’re making the right choice for your back pocket and peace of mind.



AUD to GHS Exchange Rate Calculator

Today's rate

AUD to GHS Exchange Rates

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1 AUD10.72180.63130.56621.048281.076210479.45334.9709
1 USD1.385410.87470.78451.4522112.32514518.56.8869
1 EUR1.58351.14310.89681.6599128.4216594.64557.8717
1 GBP1.7661.27481.115111.8512143.186318507.45798.779

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Compare exchange rates from Australian banks and foreign exchange leaders.

When is the best time to change AUD to GHS?

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Australian Dollar to

Wholesale exchange rate updated less than 3 mins ago
1 AUD => 3.6054 GHS
1 GHS => 0.2774 AUD
High: 3.6064
Low: 3.5633
Average: 3.5777