Where to Find the Best Currency Exchange Rates in the Sydney CBD

Where to Find the Best Currency Exchange Rates in the Sydney CBD

Coronavirus Update: Many currency exchange stores such as Travel Money Oz and Travelex have temporarily closed their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you want to exchange money in they Sydney CBD, there is a good chance that most of your options will be closed.

Unimoni have just opened 1 store in the CBD. S Money is also available but you need to order online and pay for your order first before going into the city.

Check this page regularly for updates for when travel money stores open again.


Prior to the lockdown, we walked around Sydney CBD comparing exchange rates over 11 money changers. Then we compared their travel money rates to what you can get by ordering online and picking it up in the CBD.

Read on to found out the best currency exchange rates.

To buy US dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen or New Zealand Dollars

Compared to the other online currency exchangers, S Money had the best exchange rates. They use the same wholesale rate that you see on Google or xe.com making them the clear winner.

They do charge a service fee though which start at $9. Even taking this into account, they were the cheapest option.

How it works

  1. You have to order your currency online
  2. Choose to pick the currency up in the Sydney CBD, otherwise there is a $19 delivery fee
  3. Pay for for your order using PayID or a bank transfer. Then it can be ready within 24 hours. Avoid using your card as there is a card fee of 1.2%

To buy other popular currencies

We found the best rates to buy Singapore Dollars, Thai Baht, Indonesian Rupiah or Canadian Dollars in-store.

In Sydney, Crown Currency and Unimoni had both the stock and better rates when we compared each money changer.


How it works

  1. You have to walk into the store in person to get the best rate
  2. For larger amounts, above $500 ask if they can improve their price. You can often save more by doing so
  3. You can pay by cash or card. Keep in mind that card fees vary depending on the currency exchange and your card provider.

To sell currency

To sell currency, you have to do it in-person at a currency exchange. No money changers will do it online.

When we compared the exchange rates to sell currency, we found that was no single store that consistently provided the best deal.

It really comes down to what currency you are selling and how much you have.


How it works

  1. Make sure you check and compare at least a couple of different money changers
  2. For larger amounts, above $500 ask if they can improve their price. They will often improve it for you but you have to ask.
  3. Keep in mind that for less common currencies like Zambian Kwacha or Iraqi Dinars, most money changers won't buy it from you. The money changers aren't able to resell it other customers quickly so they prefer not to buy it. You can consider donating it. Travel Money Oz and Commonwealth Bank accept foreign currency and they donate it to UNICEF.

Currency Exchange in Sydney

Where to exchange money in Sydney

There is no money changer that is a clear winner for having the best exchange rate on every currency and amount. We found a variety of fees ranging from a small percentage to a fixed rate. So make yourself aware of these when choosing a provider.

We also found that different providers exceeded with different currencies. Major currencies can generally be found in the CBD. These include US dollars, Euros or Japanese Yen. For some currencies, ordering online can still return a better deal. Especially if there isn't stock in the CBD. Your own research is pivotal.

Use our guide to find out where to buy travel money in the Sydney CBD.

Money Changer Address Rating
Crown Currency Exchange Westfield Sydney, Shop 5006B, Level 5 Cnr Pitt Street Mall 9.1
WeXchange Town Hall Suite 303 Level 3/31 Market St 8.7
ANZ Bank 37 Pitt St 8.3
Unimoni Westfield Sydney, Level 2, Shop 2021 8.2
Travel Money Oz 300 George St 8.0
Travelex HSBC Center 570 George St 7.5
Travel Money Oz LG1 / 580 George St 7.3
Lotus Foreign Exchange 115 Pitt St 6.9
Commonwealth Bank Ground Floor / 46 Market St 5.3
Lotus Foreign Exchange Harbourside Shopping Centre, 1A Darling Dr Not rated
Red Rate Exchange Level 36 / 201 Elizabeth St Not rated
Super Forex Sydney Suite 2304/100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo Not rated
Travelex QV Building Shop 15C, Lower Ground 2/455 George St Not rated

How we rated them

Many of you might be wondering how we came up with our scores out of ten. After our exhaustive walk around the Sydney CBD, we chose 5 categories to judge on, based on what we thought would be most valuable to you, the consumer. They were:

  • Exchange Rate - At the end of the day, this is the most important category. The better the exchange rate, the higher the score.
  • Customer Service - We all appreciate good customer service, service that is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.
  • Stock of Currency - Being able to walk away with your nominated currency immediately is a prerequisite for most customers. So we asked each money changer if they had a number of common and less popular currencies on hand.
  • Safety - This score was based from the location of the store and the security offered.
  • Payment Options - We asked all the money changers what type of payments they accepted to score them.

After we choose our categories we weighted them based on importance within the transaction. It is no surprise that exchange rate was weighted the heaviest (40%), customer service was next (20%), stock of currency (15%), followed by safety (15%) and finally payment options (10%).

Compare the best online exchange rates in Sydney

Please note this table shows the rate you'll get and doesn't include any extra fees you'll be charged. The Currency Shop sources its data from foreign exchange providers and has taken reasonable steps to ensure that such data is accurate. There is a risk that the foreign exchange prices quoted on The Currency Shop may be inaccurate, not available to the User, or available but with additional fees and charges. For more details, read our Terms and Conditions

Money exchange reviews

Travel Money Oz Review

Good service and convenient locations in the city. Their exchange rates are good but not great but their stock and range of currencies is excellent.

Unimoni (formally UAE Exchange)

Matter of fact service in an easy to access location on the ground floor of the Westfield on Pitt Street. They had the second best rates to buy US dollars and the best rate to sell Euros.


Solid service in a safe environment, inside a HSBC branch. Their payment options are good but they charge for card transactions and their stock of currency is limited.

ANZ Foreign Exchange

Prompt, friendly and helpful service inside the safety of the ANZ branch. Rates and fees were competitive and the range of stock on hand was good.

Commonwealth Bank

Horrible exchange rates, higher fees than any money changer and a limited range of currencies. Unfortunately, the service was disinterested and blunt.


It's a little hard to find. You need to enter the building and go to the third floor. Excellent service, pretty good exchange rates and a solid stock of currencies on hand.