Where to Find the Best Currency Exchange Rates in the Brisbane CBD

Currency Exchange in Brisbane

Coronavirus Update: Many currency exchange stores such as Travel Money Oz and Unimoni have temporarily closed their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you want to exchange money in they Brisbane CBD, there is a good chance that all your options will be closed.

Check this page regularly for updates for when travel money stores open again.


The Brisbane CBD offers a number of options when it comes to currency exchange. We’ve done some research and compiled important information to help you make the right choice for you to buy travel money in the Brisbane.

Where to exchange money in Brisbane

There is no money changer that is a clear winner for having the best exchange rate on every currency and amount. There were a variety of fees, ranging from a small percentage to a set rate.
Some money changers were definitely better than others when it came to the rates they offered, but remember different providers can have better rates for certain currencies.

Money Changer Address Phone Number
Travel Money Oz 302/91 Queen St in the Myer Centre 1300 167 668
Travel Money Oz Shop 6, 158 Adelaide St 1300 457 110
Travel Money Oz Shop GL45, 149 Adelaide St in the Queens Plaza Shopping Centre 1300 663 894
Unimoni Lot 29/198 Adelaide St in the Anzac Square Arcade (07) 3021 3001
Travelex 149F / 91 Queen St in the Myer Centre (07) 3210 6325
Aus X Change 11A/255 Queen St in the MacArthur Central Shopping Centre (07) 3194 5133
City Exchange Mart 102 Queen St in the Queen Adelaide Building 1800 501 500
Travelex HSBC Ground Floor, 300 Queen St in the HSBC Building (07) 3174 1018
Johnson Money Exchange 231 Albert St 0402 083 378
Lotus Foreign Exchange Shop 36A/198 Adelaide St in ANZAC Square (07) 3220 2881
Commonwealth Bank Ground Floor / 46 Market St 13 22 21

Compare the best online exchange rates in Brisbane

Please note this table shows the rate you'll get and doesn't include any extra fees you'll be charged. The Currency Shop sources its data from foreign exchange providers and has taken reasonable steps to ensure that such data is accurate. There is a risk that the foreign exchange prices quoted on The Currency Shop may be inaccurate, not available to the User, or available but with additional fees and charges. For more details, read our Terms and Conditions

Money exchange reviews

Travel Money Oz Review

The best service in Brisbane. Friendly, professional and no wait time. Reasonable rates, no fees and ID required for amounts over $1000.

Unimoni (formally UAE Exchange)

Friendly, professional, with some of the best exchange rates particularly for selling currency to them. There are bank limits for eftpos and photo ID is required.


The excellent range of products and currencies didn't make up for the average service. Their exchange rates are much better if you order online and pick up in-store.

ANZ Foreign Exchange

Long wait times for unresponsive service and uncompetitive exchange rates. Unfortunately this is the only FX centre left in the city for ANZ customers.

Commonwealth Bank

Service is slow, but helpful and friendly. Much like ANZ, their exchange rates are not great. If you are not a Comm Bank member, you need to set up a profile, which takes 10-15 minutes.

Lotus Foreign Exchange

Excellent rates to buy currency and good rates to sell. There is usually a queue so be prepared to wait. ID is required for any transaction and they only accept cash.

By Justin Rampono Updated July 27th, 2020