Revolut Card Review [2023]

In this Revolut review, we’re going to see when it is a good option for money transfers and when you should be careful of hidden fees and charges.

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a website and digital app with nearly five million users in 31 countries. Vlad Yatsenko and Nikolay Storonsky founded Revolut in 2015. They wanted to create a way people can easily spend money internationally, while reducing fees and simplifying the process.

The company offers solutions for both individuals and businesses and have a number of existing and new products to suit different needs.

Revolut Card Review for Australia

Pros and cons using Revolut

  • Ease of signing up - can open an account in minutes
  • Access to multiple FX products and services
  • Customer support available through a contact number and the app itself. 24/7 support available for Premium card holders
  • Subject to monthly limitations on your account
  • Can only have local currency accounts in Europe and the UK at this stage

When to use (and avoid) Revolut to transfer money overseas

It's great for smaller transfers, because they offer free international money transfers for up to A$9,000 per month for most countries. Once you're over the A$9,000 limit they charge you a percentage-based fee, which means they may not be a good option for larger or more frequent international transfers, as the fees can add up.

A quick account set-up makes Revolut very convenient, especially if you're savvy online. There's an automated phone service available for customers, and you can easily reach someone via the website or mobile chat application.


Using the Revolut debit card for travel

Like Wise (formerly known as TransferWise), Revolut offers a foreign currency account for multiple currencies and a linked debit card.

We think Revolut offers a great travel card option particularly if you're staying within their monthly limits. However, if you’re a frequent traveller and withdraw large amounts of money from ATMs, a Revolut card may not be the best option for you.

Another great travel account you can look at is the Citibank Everyday Account.



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How do I transfer money with Revolut?

There are 4 simple steps to set up an account and transfer money.

  1. Download. Download the Revolut Mobile App from your app store or play store.
  2. Register. Register your details on the app. This will include the type of account you need from Revolut and your personal details including ID.
  3. Transfer. Once you have a quote for your transfer, you will go ahead and fill in the details of the person you're sending the money to. If you're sending it to your own international account, fill in your own details. Decide the currencies that you want to exchange money between.
  4. Payment. Revolut will accept payment from your linked bank account. They accept debit and credit cards.

Revolut Cards


Revolut has 3 main accounts: Standard Account, Premium Account and Metal Account.

Standard (Free) Account

  • Multi currency accounts
  • Free UK current account and Euro IBAN account
  • Currency exchange at interbank rate for 15 currencies up to A$9,000
  • International money transfers
  • Free ATM withdrawals up to A$350
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • Contactless international MasterCard

Premium Account (A$10.99/month)

  • Multi currency accounts
  • Free UK current account and Euro IBAN account
  • Unlimited currency exchange at interbank rate
  • International money transfers
  • Free ATM withdrawals up to A$700 per month
  • Global express delivery
  • Priority customer support
  • Disposable virtual cards for greater security
  • LoungeKey Pass access up to 1,000 airport lounges

Metal Account (A$19.99/month)

  • Exclusive Revolut metal card
  • Multi currency accounts
  • Free UK current account and Euro IBAN account
  • Unlimited currency exchange at interbank rate
  • International money transfers
  • Free ATM withdrawals up to A$1,050 per month
  • Global express delivery
  • Priority customer support
  • Disposable virtual cards for greater security
  • LoungeKey Pass access up to 1,000 airport lounges
  • 0.1% cashback within Australia and 1% outside Australia on all card payments

Revolut Customer Reviews

What do customers say about TransferWise
TrustPilot TrustScore: 8.9/10

Is Revolut Reliable?

On TrustPilot, Revolut have four stars and are mostly considered an "excellent company" to use.

Generally customers speak favourably about their experiences with Revolut. A lot mentioned how easy and quick it is to set up an account and make instant transfers, and how efficient the process is.

Customers are also happy that they offer live market exchange rates when dealing with multiple currencies.

The most common complaint about Revolut was to do with technical glitches and shutting accounts, which hinders its reliability. Fortunately they are addressing these issues.

How to contact Revolut if you have a problem

Help Centre:


Is Revolut Safe?

Yes, Revolut is safe and legitimate.

They are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and any funds held in a Revolut account are protected by a third-party deposit-taking institution as part of a "Bank Guarantee". Read Revolut's product disclosure statement for more information on how your money is protected.

If you lose or misplace your card you can freeze or unfreeze your card within the app. You can also turn off contactless, swipe, online payments and ATM withdrawals from with the app.

Revolut also has location-based security, which means they'll automatically block any payments that are made from a different location from where you are.

How safe is a wire transfer?

How long does Revolut take to transfer funds?

What do customers say about TransferWise

Once you have set up your transfer with Revolut, they are able to transfer money overseas, but times will vary.

It really depends on where you are transferring to and what account you have.

  • It can be instant to other Revolut users
  • Or it can take a few hours to 2 days for a money transfer to a UK bank
  • If you turbo-boost, you can make your transfer speed 5 times faster for a small fee
  • Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal customers also enjoy turbo transfers completely free

However, it can take from 3-5 days for an international money transfer for standard customers.

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Frequently asked questions about Revolut

How do you sign up to Revolut?

It’s really easy to sign up to Revolut - which is one of their main advantages. You can do it within minutes on their website or through the App. You’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, address, contact number and email. You’ll receive a verification code via text and you’re in!


Is Revolut a real bank?

Yes. Revolut is fully licensed in Europe and the UK. The company is also regulated in Australia. They have an Australian Financial Services Licence under a different bank, and are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

What are the fees for using Revolut?

For personal use, Revolut doesn't charge anything to open a Standard account. Premium membership is A$10.99 per month, while Metal account access is A$19.99 per month. While Revolut do offer free international transfers, and very favourable exchange rates it is important to know there are monthly limits.

  1. There is a 0.5% charge for international transfers after you’ve reached your monthly limit.
  2. While you can use the cards to withdraw money at ATMs all over the world, there is a 2% after you’ve reached your limit.

Find out more about Revolut personal pricing, here.

What are the limitations with Revolut?

For the Standard account there are a couple of limitations to do with ATM withdrawals and currency exchange for international money transfers. However, for the Premium and Metal accounts, there are only ATM withdrawal limits. This is summarised below.

Standard Account:

  • ATM withdrawals - Free up to A$350 per month, 2% after
  • Currency Exchange - Free up to A$9,000, 0.5% after

Premium Account:

  • ATM withdrawals - Free up to A$700 per month, 2% after

Metal Account:

  • ATM withdrawals - Free up to A$1,050 per month, 2% after

What currencies and countries can you transfer with Revolut?

The currencies currently available for spending include:


Positively Revolut are adding more fiat currencies to the list for holding and exchange.

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