Growing your FBA business

Now that you’ve gotten your FBA business up and running, you can find ways to keep your business churning along, providing you with that passive income and/or growing it if that’s what you want to do. Understanding the process is key, and once you have dealt with one product, scaling and expanding your product range will be easier. This article shows you 4 ideas to help you grow your Amazon business:

Growing your Amazon FBA Business

You need to remember that like with any other business, an FBA business takes a lot of work and adaptation, particularly in the online retail environment. Before you even start thinking of increasing the range of your product offerings, you need to ensure you have good sales from your initial product. You can’t expect to introduce a product on Amazon and just assume they will send you organic traffic. Unless your product is something so unique that people are showing an active interest (sales spike in a short period of time), Amazon is not going to help you with promotional work. They only reserve that for products that are objective winners in their marketplace.

1.  Improve Your Organic Traffic

Improve Amazon Organic Traffic

There are many things you can do to improve your organic traffic to your Amazon listing. First, you can simply ask all your friends and family to buy and review your product. You can send free samples to amateur and professional reviewers, particularly people who have a strong following on social media.


2. Paying for Traffic

Paid Traffic for Amazon Listings

In addition to marketing your product to your personal and professional contacts you can also start paying for traffic to send new targeted online customers to your Amazon listing. Paying for traffic is probably the easiest option to improve your organic traffic. For example, Facebook, Outbrain, Google and Reddit can be great channels to advertise your products to a specific buyer.

The good thing about paid traffic is that it’s instantly turned on. But you still have to be careful, because it can eat up a lot of money and be ineffective if you don’t monitor and test your paid campaigns to make sure it is sending enough buyers to your Amazon site to justify the cost.


3. Build a Brand Website

Build a Brand Website for Amazon Listings

Another strategy to help you expand your customer base is to build a brand website. You build a dedicated site for your business and start up a blog writing about your product. This will give you another way to market your products. You can become an Amazon Associate and increase your revenues that way, referring customers to your products from your own site and start earning commissions.

Once you have created a brand for your products it will not only become easier to market in other social media channels, you will also find it easier to expand your product offerings. Proper research is required for every new product offering you want to sell, but expanding your range will allow you to spread your risk – rather than being reliant on just the one product.


4. Increase Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for Amazon Listings

Finally, you can ask existing customers to review your products. Although Amazon is very strict on how you can interact with your customers, you are allowed to email them asking for a review. They don’t make it easy, with no automated mass emails allowed from inside Amazon Seller Central, but you can use an external service like Feedback Genius or Salesbacker.

Just remember, Amazon has been known to ban people from selling on their platform for inappropriate emailing so it’s important you stick to their rules. Basically, you can’t incentivise a customer to leave a good review, you can’t filter good reviews from bad ones and you can’t include a link to your own website/blog in the email.


Final Thoughts:

Once you have a viable FBA business, you can consider using other platforms or setting up your own e-commerce website to sell your products that are selling well on Amazon. This will help you spread your risk across multiple platforms to sell your product offerings. Since Amazon FBA will still fulfil the shipping of your product to your customers even if they bought it on a different website than Amazon, this can be something you can seriously take advantage of.

The advice we’ve shared gives you most of the information you need to start a successful business, but it doesn’t cover everything. Which is why you’ll find useful links and resources to help you on your Amazon FBA journey below. At the end of the day, although there is no substitute to learning from the actual running of your own business, you can certainly benefit from preparation and planning. With that said, we wish you the best of luck on your Amazon journey.


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