fba product restrictions and return policiesBelow is a list of helpful links to FBA policies for you to read. You will need to already be signed up to Amazon Seller Central for some of the links.

Make sure you read the fine print – you don’t want to waste your time or money on a product that is restricted and you don’t want your account to end up being blocked if it can be avoided. Also keep in mind that Amazon can change the restricted products list via FBA, so you need to make sure you double check in your planning stage.

FBA Product Restrictions

  • Requesting approvals to sell in various categories

  • Amazon restricted products

  • FBA prohibited products

  • Date- & temperature-sensitive products

Inventory Requirements

  • Listing FBA inventory on Amazon

  • Preparing FBA inventory for Amazon fulfilment

  • Sending your FBA inventory to fulfilment centres

Customer Feedback for FBA Listings

  • Customer feedback managed for FBA orders

  • Contacting Seller Support for customer feedback

Customer Returns for Orders Placed on Amazon.com

  • Customer returns for FBA

  • Returns for specific products

  • Disposal of certain products

  • When you may be eligible for reimbursement

Customer Returns for Multi-Channel fulfilment Orders

  • Customer returns and refund requests for Multi-Channel fulfilment orders

  • You are responsible for all service issues related to the fulfilment of your customers’ orders

FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy

  • Situations for reimbursements

  • Low reimbursements are calculated

  • Timing for reimbursement

FBA Inventory Placement Options

  • FBA’s default Distributed Inventory Placement

  • Inventory Placement Service

  • Best practice for you products

Required Removals

  • Inventory disposals

  • Occurs when product is not listed for sale or in sellable condition & you haven’t responded to Amazon in designated timeframe


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