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Because every company has different rates to buy Vietnamese Dong (VND) with Australian dollars, finding the best deal can be a minefield. We bring together all your options, highlight the fees and rates per money exchange, and show you the best possible deals.

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We do not compare all available providers in the market. Our results are sorted by default from the lowest AUD cost to you to the highest AUD cost to you and you may choose to sort results according to other criteria. We may receive a referral fee if you choose one of these providers, but that won’t affect the ranking of the provider, the exchange rates or any fees you are charged.

Where to buy Vietnamese dong in Australia?

You can buy Vietnamese dong (VND) from a few places in Australia that offers currency exchange. It is a rarer currency to exchange to Australian dollars. Places you can make cash transactions and buy Vietnamese dong include online, in-store at money exchangers, banks, Australia Post and the airport.

To find out exactly where you can buy Vietnamese dong, you can use our handy city and suburb guides, just click on the links below:

What is the cheapest way to buy Vietnamese dong in Australia?

The cheapest way to buy Vietnamese dong (VND) in Australia is to get organised in advance and sort your travel money out online. You can order some VND in cash and collect it locally so you have some money in your pocket before you leave - or order a travel money card to use for overseas spending and withdrawals. Most online money exchangers, like S Money do not charge a transaction fee and their exchange rates are the same as the cash rate you see on Google.

A smart all round option for many travellers is to get a travel money card from a provider like Wise or Revolut, which lets you hold a balance in VDN and spend conveniently when you’re away.

The most expensive place to buy VND is at the airport, because they know you have no other options until you get to Vietnam. They charge a commission fee and give very poor foreign exchange rates. For an exchange of $1,000 Australian dollars, you can lose up to $100 at the airport.

The cheapest way to buy VND in Australia is online

Vietnam Money Tips

Let’s work through a few important tips to help you enjoy your trip to Vietnam and ensure you’re not stuck worrying about money unnecessarily:

  • Keep cash handy when you’re in Vietnam. While tourist stores and restaurants will take a card payment, shopping in a market or buying a snack from a street seller will mean using cash
  • Hold onto smaller denomination notes which are handy for tipping, paying taxis and covering the costs of parking a bike for example - don’t expect a merchant to have change for a large note
  • Not all ATMs can be used with foreign cards and networks - look out for ATMs in or close to banks which tend to support cards from Visa, Mastercard and other global card issuers
  • In tourist markets you’re expected to haggle with the merchant - you’ll be approached by plenty of different sellers and can negotiate to buy with the best available deal.

For more information link to this page Travel money tips for Vietnam

What currency is used in Vietnam?

The official currency in Vietnam is the Vietnam dong. The currency is represented by the symbol ₫.

Currency name Vietnamese Dong
ISO code VDN
Subunit Not applicable
Central Bank Bank of Vietnam
Sending money to VND? Send money from Australia to Vietnam

Coins: 200₫, 500₫, 1000₫, 2000₫

Notes: 1,000₫, 2,000₫, 5,000₫, 10,000₫, 20,000₫, 50,000₫, 100,000₫, 200,000₫, 500,000₫

What currency is used in Vietnam?

Coins are not generally accepted except in banks, due to their low value. Vietnamese banknotes have different colours, 1,000₫ is greenish brown, 2,000₫ is brown, 5,000₫ is blue, 10,000₫ is yellow, 20,000₫ is blue, 50,000₫ is pink, 100,000₫ is green, 200,000₫ is brownish red, 500,000₫ is blue.

What notes should I take to Vietnam?

Cash and cards are popular in Vietnam. When paying for meals, in shops and accommodation, debit cards, credit cards, will be accepted as well as cash. Keep smaller notes to pay for tips and transport.

When is the best time to buy Vietnamese dong?

When is the best time to buy Vietnamese dong?

Find the best time to buy Vietnamese dong with Australian dollars with our rate tracker. It keeps track of the VND to AUD or AUD to VND exchange rate and emails you when the exchange rate gets to the rate you chose to buy Vietnamese dong.

The vnd to aud exchange rate average is close to 0.00005, over the past 10 years. The high was 1.78 in early 2020 and the low was 0.96 in mid 2011. Currently it's 0.000057, so đ100,000 could buy you $44 at the best exchange rate.

The aud to vnd exchange rate average is close to 17,500, over the past 10 years.  The high was 33.35 in mid 2011 and the low was in early 2020 at 18.72. Currently it's 17,500, so $100 could buy you đ1,750,000 at the best exchange rate.


How to buy Vietnamese dong in Australia?

How to buy Vietnamese dong in Australia

You can get VND in Australia before you travel, either by heading out to a bank or currency exchange store and picking up dong in cash, or by buying your travel money online. Each provider will have their own process for buying VND in Australia, but generally it’s easy enough to get organised in person or online. We’ll look at how to buy VND online in a moment - but if you’d prefer to get your travel money in person, you might want to buy from a currency exchange store in your neighbourhood instead. Bear in mind that VND isn’t the most commonly traded currency, so not all exchange offices will hold it in stock. Before you go out to change your AUD to VND you’ll want to call the store to make sure they’ve got what you need to hand when you arrive.

As an alternative, order your VND online with a specialist provider, or online money exchange service - here’s how.

How to buy Vietnamese dong online

Let’s take a look at how to buy Vietnamese dong online - either with a specialist provider, or online money exchange service.

To buy Vietnamese dong online with a specialist provider that offers multi-currency accounts or travel cards, you’ll usually need to:

  1. Head to the provider’s website or download their app
  2. Hit Sign Up, add your personal details and create a password
  3. Get verified by uploading images of your ID documents - you might also need a proof of address
  4. Add some money to your account in AUD, for spending later

Depending on the provider you pick, you can order a linked international debit card to spend while you’re away, or you can convert to the currency you need to make online payments. Some providers can issue you a virtual card instantly for online spending, and once you have your physical card you can withdraw cash as you travel for convenience.

To buy Vietnamese dong for cash spending with an online money exchange service, you’ll usually need to:

  1. Visit the provider’s website, and place an order for your currency
  2. Decide if you want to have your money delivered, or collect your cash at an agent location
  3. Make payment for your foreign currency in AUD
  4. When you collect your cash, or when it’s delivered you’ll need to show a valid ID document

Where can I exchange AUD to Vietnamese dong?

So what are your options for buying VND in Australia? You can order online or call into a physical location to get your cash, depending on your preferences.

Online you might want to consider opening a multi-currency account which supports VND and comes with a linked debit, or buying a travel card from a major provider. This allows you to make convenient card payments in Vietnam, and also to withdraw cash from an ATM on arrival. Other options include ordering online for collection or home delivery - services from Travelex and Australia Post are worth considering if that’s your preferred approach.

If you have AUD in cash to exchange you can also do that by visiting a provider or bank in person. Some banks stock foreign currencies, but you’ll need to call ahead to check if your preferred bank offers exchange and has VND in stock. Similarly, Travelex and Australia Post can also offer in person exchange, but the rate you get might not be as good as the rates offered if you order online. Other options include exchanging cash at the airport as you pass through - bear in mind that this usually means you get a pretty poor exchange rate, pushing up costs overall.

What is the VND/AUD exchange rate?

When is the best time to buy Vietnamese dong?

The VND/AUD exchange rate is the rate you need to know if you’re exchanging between Australian dollars and Vietnamese dong. Use our handy tools to see the AUD/VND rates available to you online and to find local currency exchange stores wherever you happen to be.

Where can I get the best exchange rate for Vietnamese dong?

There’s no single best exchange rate, so shopping around before you buy your VND is essential to make sure you get the best available deal. Providers and banks set their own exchange rates, and while they can vary generally you’ll find:

Wise exchange rate: Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate with fees from 0.42% when you convert currencies - open an account online or in the Wise app and order your Wise card for easy spending and withdrawals

Revolut exchange rate: Revolut accounts offer weekday no fee currency conversion to the specific plan’s limits, after which you’ll pay a fair usage fee. You can choose different account plans depending on your transaction needs

Banks: Banks set their own exchange rates, which usually include a markup - this is a fee added to the rate used for exchange which pushes up the costs overall

Currency exchange offices: Each currency exchange store has its own rates, but choosing one in a busy area with lots of local competition can help to snag you the best available rate - sometimes ordering online is possible, and can also lead to a better rate in the end

Airports: Buying currency at the airport is possible but usually expensive. Airport exchanges may not advertise fees, but their costs are often included in the exchange rate used to convert your dollars to dong or whichever other currency you need


There are a few different ways to get your VND arranged before you head off for your trip to Vietnam. You’ll be able to exchange cash in a physical store, order online for collection, or open a multi-currency account to get a linked payment card for easy spending.

Weigh up your options to see which suits you best. For many travellers, the convenience of having a multi-currency account which supports VND - like the Wise Account - can be a winner. Open a Wise Account online or in the Wise app and order your card for a one time fee, with no ongoing costs or minimum balance. You can then convert from AUD to VND using the mid-market rate before your trip, as you travel or when you make payments, depending on your preferences.

Our most frequently asked questions

Is it cheaper to buy Vietnamese dong in AU or in Vietnam ?

Whether it’s cheaper to buy your travel money in advance or on arrival will depend on how good a deal you can get in either location. Buying in advance means you don’t need to waste time in exchange offices during your break - and with a multi-currency account and card from a provider like Wise, you’ll also get the mid-market exchange rate with low fees to pay.

Should I get Vietnamese dong before going to Vietnam ?

You can buy your VND in Australian before you travel - but not all exchange services will hold a stock so you’ll need to call ahead before you leave home. If you’d rather save time you can order online from a provider like Travelex to get cash - or open a multi-currency account with a service like Wise or Revolut to spend globally with a low cost debit card.

What is the best way to get Vietnamese dong for travel?

Having a few different ways to pay when you travel is a smart move. Many people choose to hold a small amount of VND in cash, as well as having a couple of payment cards for spending and withdrawals on arrival in Vietnam. Choose a low cost international debit card from Wise or Revolut to get good exchange rates wherever you happen to be in the world.

How long does it take to get Vietnamese dong?

VND is not the most commonly traded currency - so not all physical exchange offices or banks will hold it in stock. That may mean you need to order your dong in advance and get the cash delivered, or collect it in a store a few working days after ordering - give yourself plenty of time, just in case the process takes a while.

Is it safe?

Yes. The Currency Shop holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (462269) and is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service. We closely vet our providers and only partner with the largest, safest and most trusted money transfer companies in the world. That just makes sense.

What does it cost?

The Currency Shop does not charge you. Instead, we receive a referral fee from the banks and money transfer companies that we are partnered with. This does not affect the price you pay.

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