We’ve done some of the hard work for you by comparing the exchange rates of outlets to buy travel money in the Sydney CBD. We looked at the rates we could get when buying $1000AUD worth of a range of different currencies.

Research is key, so dive into our guide and find the best options for you in Sydney’s CBD!

If you want to find the best exchange rates to transfer money into a bank account overseasclick here to compare Australian banks and money transfer specialists.

Generally we discovered;

  • It’s better to buy travel money in the Sydney CBD if you’re buying more common currencies, such as US dollars, Euros or even Japanese Yen.
  • Quiet a few places charged a fee or commission. Some of these locations waived the fee if you were buying a certain amount of currency.
  • We found a range in fee structure between different outlets too. Some would charge a flat fee (usually around $10), some a small percentage, and some would be completely fee free.

Where We Found the Best Exchange Rates in Sydney

Travelmate @ 387 Pitt St
UAE Exchange @ 100 Market Street
KVB Kunlun @ Level 33, 1 Farrer Place
KVB Kunlun @ Level 33, 1 Farrer Place
Travel Money Oz @ 399 George St
WeXchange @ 9/405 Little Hay St
WeXchange @ 9/405 Little Hay St
Travel Money Oz @ 399 George St

Compare Money Changers in Sydney

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How Much Do You Need in Foreign Currency

How It Works

Step 1
Enter where and when you are travelling along with how much currency you need
Step 2
Compare the money changers and banks
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