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Every time you send money overseas, you’ll need at least 4 pieces of information. Depending on which country you are sending the money to, you may need additional information or a bank code. Here are vital information you need to transfer money overseas.


Information that is required every time:

1.   SWIFT code of the bank you are sending the money to

2.   The name of the bank

3.   An Account name

4.   An Account number


Other information you may need:

·       The address of the bank you are sending the money to

·       The address of the person or company you are sending the money to


Country specific bank codes

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Along with the SWIFT code, some countries have a bank code. In Australia, we call them a BSB.

·       International Money Transfers to the USA have a routing number (also known as an ABA). It is always 9 digits long

·       International Money Transfers to the UK have a sorting code. It is always 6 digits long

·       International Money Transfers to the European Union have an IBAN number. This is a 13-digit alpha-numeric code and includes the account number as well as the bank code


Useful tools

IBAN checker and calculator – enables you to validate an IBAN, but also to find one based on the bank and account details.

SWIFT code search – Find the SWIFT code by entering the institution name, city and country.

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How to Find the Cheapest Way to Transfer Money Overseas

Compare The Total Cost

The total cost of the transfer comes down to 2 things:

Money transfer fees

1. Transfer Fees

Every Australian bank and money transfer company will charge you a different fee to send money overseas. Usually it’s between $10 and $32.

Exchange rate margin fees

2. Exchange Rate Margin

There is no “standard” exchange rate. Each bank will offer you a different exchange rate based on the currency you want to send overseas and the amount you need to send.


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