AUD to USD Forecasts

The Australian dollar (AUD) has dropped over 10% since the highs of 81 cents reached in January. What does this mean for the major bank AUD to USD forecasts in the near-term and going into next year? And have they changed after the Australian dollar hit recent lows?

This article presents the different bank outlooks and is updated regularly.

The major banks have released their forecasts for the AUD USD exchange rate for 2020.

For the latest look at these forecasts, read our AUD USD Forecasts for 2020.

After a volatile 2016, the Australian Dollar had a relatively stable year against the US Dollar in 2017. The same couldn't be said in 2018 as volatility rocked the Australian Dollar throughout the year.

The AUD to USD has fallen further and faster than most of the "Big 4" bank economists thought it would at the start of the year. In response, all the banks lowered their AUD to USD forecasts in 2019 to reflect a change in expectations.


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What about AUD to USD Long Term Forecasts?

The major banks changed expectations for the AUD to USD in 2018 and this has spilled over in 2019. Now the banks outlooks for 2019 are still negative, with most of them expecting a flat to lower trend by the end of the year.

  • ANZ bank is just as negative in 2019, with the AUD to USD expected to remain around 70 cents by the end of the year.
  • The most optimistic is still CBA, with an expectation that the AUD to USD will gradually rise towards 75 cents by the end of the year.
  • In 2019, NAB is expecting the AUD to have a flat profile and end the year at 75 cents.
  • Westpac expects the AUD to USD to slowly decline to 70 cents by the end of 2019.


USD to AUD Forecasts

Exchange rates are the relative prices between two currencies and this is why currencies are expressed in pairs. The major Australian bank forecasts are in Australian dollar terms, or the currency pair AUD/USD. But if you're interested in bank forecasts in US dollar terms or USD/AUD you can calculate it.

To convert from USD to AUD all you need to do is divide 1 by the rate.

For example, if the AUD to USD exchange rate is 0.75, then 1 Australian dollar is worth US$0.75 or 75 cents. You divide 1 by 0.75 to find the USD/AUD exchange rate of 1.3333. In this example, $1 US dollar is equivalent to $1.3333 Australian dollars.

To save you some time, we have already calculated the "Big 4" bank December 2018 forecasts for you in the table below.

AUD to USD Forecast USD to AUD Forecast
ANZ 0.7000 1.4286
CBA 0.7200 1.3889
NAB 0.7500 1.3333
Westpac 0.6600 1.5152
Average 0.7075 1.4165

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By Natalie Robertson Updated March 4th, 2021