FC EXCHANGE REVIEW: Well-known for their incredible customer service and client-first strategy, FC Exchange ensures that your money sends quickly and with as few fees as possible. Their rates are competitive when compared to the vast majority of dealers but where they truly excel is in the staff they employee who will go out of their way to help you.


While many competitors run an entirely automated system that makes it difficult to speak to a real human, FC Exchange gives you a dedicated dealer upfront. This quality of service is rare in this era, and when you’re handling money, it’s a beautiful touch.




  • Dedicated currency dealers
  • Incredible customer service
  • Extended opening hours
  • Good rates




  • No mobile phone app
  • Don’t accept USA clients
  • High minimum transfer


How it Works

FC Exchange works by taking payment from you, the sender, currency converting it at competitive rates by using interbank exchange rates and then sending it to your recipient. This method ensures that you can send money to another country as cheaply and quickly as possible.


While a bank transfer might take a week, and cost a percentage of the transfer amount, FC Exchange is comparatively cheap, and many transfers can be completed within one-day.


For this reason, FC Exchange is the ideal choice for those who are looking to send large amounts of money abroad using a broker who is reputable and doesn’t speculate on your cash.



As with most currency exchange and transfer companies, FC Exchange charges a small fee on each transfer which you make. However, because their minimum transfer value is £1000, this price is likely to be 1% or less of the total transfer.


For most transfers, the fee is only £10, and therefore it’s relatively cheap when you compare this method to other transfer services that charge several percent. In fact, many banks would cost more than this for an international money transfer and currency conversion.


How Safe is it?

FC Exchange promises on their homepage never to speculate with your money. Many firms do, risking your capital to mark exposure which could endanger the finances of the transfer companies, causing them to file for bankruptcy.


FC Exchange never speculates with your money. They are also authorized by the FCA to transfer money, and that means that they must follow a strict set of regulations and a government agency is monitoring them.


These two factors help to ensure that your money is completely safe while it’s sending and before the other party receives it. Many other firms, especially abroad, are speculating with your money and they aren’t following the rules of any government authority. FC Exchange has great reviews across the web.


What Exchange Rate Will I Get?

The exchange rate that you will get will depend on the day when you make your trade. The FX market fluctuates a lot throughout the day, and that means that it might be significantly cheaper to make a transfer today than it will be tomorrow.


However, unlike many companies that add a considerable margin to the exchange rate that they get from their trading partners, FC Exchange gives you competitive prices.


Not only that, but they also offer you a ‘best exchange rate guarantee’ which ensures that should you get a better quote elsewhere they will match or beat it. A policy like this lets you know that they are serious about charging as little as possible and making sure that you get the best rates.


To find out what the exchange rate is right now you should contact a dedicated currency dealer at FC Exchange today who can give you up-to-date information and advice.


Can I Send and Receive Money from Overseas?

With FC Exchange, you can send and receive money from overseas. The only country which they don’t accept clients from is the United States. Otherwise, you can send and receive money from any country in the world.


After signing up for an account you can talk directly to a currency trading expert who can help you, or you can make the transfer online. Both ways are simple, allowing you to create an international money transfer in as little as 10-minutes.


How Do I Pay?

FC Exchange makes all of their payments through bank transfer because this is usually the safest and cheapest method for transferring money within a country. This technique also saves FC Exchange cash because taking debit and credit payments costs cash and thereby they can pass this saving onto you as the customer.


Can I Use my Credit Card?

Unfortunately, you can’t make a payment to FC Exchange via credit or a debit card. Instead, you must use a bank to bank transfer to send money to their account before it is converted into another currency to send to the recipient.


What Currencies can I Use?

FC Exchange deals with over 130 currencies, more than the vast majority of other FX transfer companies. For this reason, they are one of the top picks for many customers.


For example; they will trade with countries like Nigeria, Korea, and South Africa. Many competitors refuse to do this because of the associated risk, and that can make it difficult for locals to send money home to their friends and family, or to do business abroad.


Business Services

FC Exchange does offer services to personal consumers, but they have a focus on business services for companies that do business abroad. For this reason, they have an incredible customer service team that is available most of the day to deal with issues and to help you make transfers.


FC Exchange also offers most of the standard services that you would expect from an FX trader including; rate targeting, market order, mass payments, and enterprise solutions. As a business customer, you can save a significant amount of money on your transfers by using rate targeting and market orders to buy currency when it’s cheapest.


Presuming that you are regularly sending money abroad it can be smart to pre-buy currency with FC Exchange before you need to send it. Doing this ensures you the cheapest rates which can reduce your costs substantially over time.


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