Global Transfer Partners is among the leaders in money exchange and money transferring service providers in Europe. The company provides a variety of risk-free, low-cost transaction options for both private and corporate clients.


Over 12,000 businesses regularly use Global Transfer Partners for their currency transfers. They also provide exceptional customer service by phone, over chat, through email or at their branch locations.


And to make transactions convenient and hassle-free, account managers are provided to work directly with individuals or businesses to explain their money transfer options. Global Transfer Partners places a high focus on personalized solutions, especially for one-off payments to international recipients.


Read this Global Transfer Partners review to learn about their products and features for your international money transfers.




  • No commission or fees when you send money abroad
  • Free registration – no set-up costs
  • Fast-transaction speed with same-day delivery
  • Each account is assigned a manager to provide personalized solutions
  • No maximum transfer amount




  • Minimum transfer amount is $100


How Does Global Transfer Partners Work?

With Global Transfer Partners, you have several transfer methods to select from:


  • Over phone
  • By agent at a branch location
  • Bank account-to-account transfer
  • International money order


You may send money through Global Transfer Partners several ways:


  • Regular payments through the website
  • One-off payments to a recipient
  • Market orders
  • Forward contracts with a secured exchange rate


What Features Does Global Transfer Partners Offer?

Flexible online platform. You can access your online account 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Global Transfer Partners provides a full view of your transaction history for your record keeping.


Free registration. Starting your Global Transfer Partner account is free. The company also respects their non-obligation agreement with clients, in that you don't have to use your account once setup is complete.


Personal account manager. Global Transfer Partners assigns you a personal finance specialist to assist your international money transfer process and answer any questions you may have. This is a free service.


Transfer amounts. All transfers must start with a minimum of $100.00. However, Global Transfer Partners has no maximum transfer amount or limit.


Singular payments. Global Transfer Partners is designed to work with one-off payments for overseas purchases or individual fund transfers to recipients in foreign locations. These include:


  • Personal purchases. The company claims that it has helped thousands of individuals send one-off money transfers for various purposes, such as luxury purchases and property investments.
  • Corporate solutions. Global Transfer Partners works with business of all sizes, from small dotcom entities, startup companies, private institutions, organizations, corporations, or SMEs.


Robust customer service. Global Transfer Partners also offers robust customer service through phone, over chat, email, or face-to-face assistance at a branch location.


Fast transactions. Global Transfer Partners provides same-day operations free of charge.


Competitive rates. If you desire a better exchange rate than what a larger bank can offer, Global Transfer Partners can save you up to 5% on money transfers.


Secure accounts. Global Transfer Partners protects its client information in separate, heavily regulated accounts that require log-in credentials to access.


Global Transfer Partners Fees and Charges.

Global Transfer Partners has no registration, transaction, or commission fees.


To learn how to transfer money to an overseas bank account without high fees, watch our video on the subject.


How Do I Pay Funds to Global Transfer Partners?

Your payment method options include:

  • Phone
  • Agent
  • Bank account to account
  • International money orders


Does Global Transfer Partners Accept Credit Cards?

This question can be answered when speaking with your finance specialist after you set-up your online member account.


How Safe is it to Use Global Transfer Partners?

When using Global Transfer Partners, your personal or corporate funds are contained in a protected account. Client funds are separate and regulated.


Additionally, your finance specialist can also remove the difficulty from the international transfer process. These dedicated professionals are ready to answer any questions you may have about your transfer.


What Exchange Rates will I Get from Global Transfer Partners?

Global Transfer Partners guarantees that you will never have to pay for any commission or any hidden fees when transferring money. It also prides itself on its competitive exchange rates and promises that you can save as much as 5% if you send money to them.


Due to fluctuating exchange rates, Global Transfer Partners also provides real-time updates for its customers. The company advises that all clients considering an international money transfer stay knowledgeable — and to compare rates — on the day they expect to make their cash transaction.


Since the global exchange rate continually changes, the company offers you the option of securing a forward contract at the current exchange rate. This allows you to initiate your transfer at a later date while maintaining the exchange rate you secured.


For more information on currency exchange in Australia, read our guide.


How Do I Send or Receive Money from Overseas with Global Transfer Partners?

Global Transfer Partners has a five-step process for international money transfers, from registration to transferring money:


  1. Start your registration. Complete the form to set-up your online member account – it’s fast and free.
  2. Provide all the details. The online account registration process will prompt you to provide your name, best contact number, address, and the details of your international money transfer. (Such as purpose and the average transaction amount that you anticipate going forward.)
  3. Complete compliance check. A standard compliance check will occur – then your account activation will be complete.
  4. Speak with your finance specialist. A dedicated financial account specialist will be assigned to your transaction – a significant advantage for Global Transfer Partner clients.
  5. Start your transaction. You may begin your transfer.


What Currencies and Countries Can I Transfer with Global Transfer Partners?

Global Transfer Partners provides international money transfer to nearly any global destination.


Use our currency converter to learn how your cash compares to the market.


What Business Services Does Global Transfer Partners offer?

Global Transfer Partners has worked with over 12,000 business of all sizes for international money transfer solutions. The company is appealing to any corporate organization that is looking make a quick international money transfer, or high-value transaction.


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