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Best ways to send money to Taiwan

  • Cheapest: XE
  • Best exchange rate: XE
  • Fastest provider: XE
  • Best rated: XE
Best ways to send money to Taiwan

Compare money transfer services to Taiwan

To help you find the best provider for your international money transfer to Taiwan, we've compared 1 services, ranking them from least to most expensive, taking into account transfer fees and exchange rates.

  • Money transfer services compared: 1 services
  • Currently the cheapest: XE
  • Cheapest cost: $60.00 AUD
  • Currently the fastest: XE
  • Fastest time: 2-3 Days
  • Currently best rated: XE
  • Money transfer companies included: XE

What is the cheapest way to send money to Taiwan?

  • XE: 60.00 AUD

When you are looking for cheap ways to send money to Taiwan it’s important that you calculate the total cost of your AUD to TWD transfer.

XE, the cheapest option, has a Australian Dollar/New Taiwan Dollar exchange rate of 21.3722 and a fee of 60.00 AUD.

This would save you 0.00 AUD compared to XE, who has a fee of 60.00 AUD.

You'll want to pay attention to both the upfront fee the provider shows you as well as the Australian Dollar/New Taiwan Dollar exchange rate.

Often providers will claim to be a cheap global money transfer provider, with low, or even no fees, but in reality they're hidden within the exchange rate. Right now, Australian Dollar/New Taiwan Dollar interbank rate is 21.501. Whenever you compare fees for transferring money to Taiwan, it can pay off to look at the exchange rate they offer.

Finding alternative ways to transfer money to Taiwan shouldn't be hard, we've put together a list of cheap ways to send money to Taiwan to help you with your search.

For example, most traditional banks add a hidden markup to the exchange rate they offer you. If 1 AUD is 21.501 TWD, your bank can add a 3% exchange rate markup and give you a rate of $ 1 = 22.146 NT$

  • XE is the cheapest option, with a AUD/TWD exchange rate of 21.3722. Their fees to transfer money to Taiwan is 60.00 AUD

What is the fastest way to send money to Taiwan?

  • XE: 2-3 Days

Typically sending money to Taiwan will be much faster using a money transfer company compared to a bank that can take 3-5 working days. That’s because banks usually process international money transfers through the SWIFT network. This system involves passing a payment through several intermediaries, which slows the process down. Money transfer companies have often built their own networks to process payments faster – which can even mean your money is deposited instantly into your recipient’s account.

The fastest provider in our table to transfer money to Taiwan is XE – 2-3 Days.

Learn more about instant ways to transfer money overseas here.

What is the best rated provider to transfer money to Taiwan from Australia?

Of the 1 providers we found for transferring money to Taiwan, here's how they stack up in terms of number of reviews and average score:

  • XE - Trustpilot rating: 4.3, Excellent

How to transfer money to Taiwan?

How to transfer money to Taiwan

You've got a few key options if you need to send money to Taiwan:

Bank transfer to Taiwan – most banks will let you send money internationally online, by visiting a branch or by phone. Payments to TWD will be sent directly from your bank account to your recipient's local bank account in your chosen currency.

Walk into a branch – several specialist money transmitter services operate through large branch and agent networks, so you can visit a physical store and make your TWD payment in cash if you want to.

Send money online to Taiwan – if you'd rather make your AUD/TWD payment online or using your smartphone, you can choose your own bank's online banking service, or an international payment specialist. Specialist services can often offer better exchange rates and lower fees than banks.

Cash pickup – sending a payment for cash pickup can often be the fastest way to get your money into your recipient's hands. It's also usually one of the most expensive because it's being prioritized and can even be instant.

How to transfer money to someone else’s bank account in Taiwan

Sending money to another bank account to Taiwan is often the most convenient option – both for you, and your recipient. Your recipient doesn't need to take any action to receive the money, it just lands in the nominated account in the currency you choose, and can be spent or withdrawn easily.

If you're sending money from a bank account in Australia to a bank account in Taiwan, choosing a specialist provider can be the cheapest and fastest way to make your payment. Different providers have their own processes for arranging payments – but the steps you'll take are usually roughly the same:

  • 1
    Create an account
    Register a new account with your preferred service, by entering your contact details and some basic information. You may even be able to do this using Facebook or Google for convenience.
  • 2
    Depending on the type of payment you're making, you may need to verify your account by uploading an image of your ID documents. This step helps keep your money safe, and is often a legal requirement.
  • 3
    Top up
    Add money to your account in dollars, using a bank transfer or card payment.
  • 4
    Add recipient details and send
    Once you're ready to send a payment, add your recipient's personal and bank account details, check the exchange rate and fee applied to your payment, and confirm. That's it – your money will now be sent, and you can track its progress online or in your provider's app.

Ways to pay for your money transfer to Taiwan

Different money transfer services offer different options to fund your international money transfer. Luckily, you have plenty to choose from.

Typically bank transfer is the cheapest payment method, which is why it’s the method we use to compare providers on Exiap. Let's take a look at a few payment options for sending money from Australia to Taiwan with these providers:

  • XE logo Online

Best app to send money to Taiwan

Provider Website

XE: from Australia to Taiwan

Cheapest Most expensive Free fee Fastest Best exchange rate Best transfer options Best rated

You can send money online and in-app with XE from Australia, to over 60 countries. Transfer times vary based on how you choose to pay and the country you’re sending to, and XE exchange rates can include a lower markup compared to a regular bank.

Pros and cons
  • Send to a broad range of countries from Australia
  • Pay for transfers with a bank transfer or card
  • XE is a trusted way to send money safely overseas
  • Exchange rates include a small markup
  • Fees and delivery times vary based on destination and payment type

How much does it cost to send money to Taiwan with XE?

  • Transfer fees: Fees vary based on how you choose to pay, and the currencies involved
  • Exchange rates: Exchange rates include a small markup
  • Additional fees: Fees vary based on how you choose to pay, and the currencies involved

Details needed to send money to Taiwan

The details you'll need to send money internationally from Australia to Taiwan may vary by provider, and based on the value of the transfer. At a minimum, whenever you make an international bank transfer you will typically be asked for:

Best way to send large amounts of money to Taiwan from Australia

When you’re sending a high value payment it’s especially important to do your research and find a provider which is safe and which offers low fees and great exchange rates. It’s also well worth comparing some providers based on transfer times, as the delivery time can also vary pretty widely.

Some international money transfer services offer discounts for high value transfers, either through lower fees or a better exchange rate. Use the Exiap cost comparison calculator to make sure you’re getting the very best deal available for your specific transfer.

How to send large amounts of money to Taiwan

While sending a high value payment works very similarly to sending any other transfer overseas, the provider may require additional information to verify the payment. You might be asked to prove the source of the funds, for example, to comply with local and international financial services legislation. If you’re sending a large amount of money you’ll also need to make sure the provider you’ve picked can support the amount, as maximum payment limits may apply.

Here’s how to send a large sum of money internationally with a specialist international money transfer service:

  • 1
    Create an account
    Register a new account with your preferred service
  • 2
    Verify your account by uploading an image of your ID documents
  • 3
    Add the transfer information
    Including the value and currency
  • 4
    Add recipient details
    Add your recipient’s personal and bank account details
  • 5
    Fund your payment
    Make a local bank transfer, use your card or pick another supported payment method. Your money will be on the move as soon as it’s been received by the provider.

Safest way to send money from Australia to Taiwan

The safest way to send money to Taiwan is to select a provider which is properly registered and regulated both in Australia and Taiwan. There are many global regulators around the world, and it’s common for international money transfer providers to be registered and regulated by dozens of different bodies, depending on where they operate.

In Australia for example, you’ll usually find providers are registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), and they may also need to hold a state license depending on how they’re set up.

International money transfer limits to Taiwan

There is no legal limit on how much money can be sent to or from Australia, although banks and other payment providers may impose their own limits. Money transfer limits can vary quite widely between providers, and may also change depending on how you want to fund your transfer. You could find different limits in place when you pay by card compared to paying using a bank transfer, for example.

AUD/TWD exchange rate trends

As with many currencies, the AUD/TWD exchange rate moves over time, due to changes in supply and demand. Exchange rate fluctuations can be caused by underlying shifts in how well the economy in Australia or Taiwan is doing, changes in political stability, or even simple speculation, where traders buy or sell currencies based on how they think trends are going to change.

Right now, 1 Australian Dollar buys 21.501 New Taiwan Dollar.

International bank transfer fee to Taiwan

The exact cost depends a lot on where you’re sending money, how much you’re sending, how you want to pay, and how you want the payment to be received.

Typically sending money directly to a recipient’s bank account using a specialist service can be done with fairly low costs, while traditional bank transfer fees can be higher. Paying for your transfer with either a credit card or cash can often mean the fees crank up, too.

When you’re sending money internationally, don’t forget that the overall fee you pay can include the transfer fee, an extra charge wrapped up in the exchange rate used, and third party charges like a cash advance fee from your credit card issuer.

Best money transfer rate to Taiwan

The best rate available to send money to Taiwan will usually be the mid-market exchange rate. The mid-market exchange rate is the rate used when banks buy and sell currencies on global markets.

However, this rate isn’t always available to individual customers sending money abroad. Instead, providers often add a markup – an extra fee – to the exchange rate they offer customers. This pushes up the costs and makes it harder to see exactly what you’re paying for your international bank transfer.

Right now, the mid-market rate for a Australian Dollar to New Taiwan Dollar is 21.501.

How long does an international bank transfer to Taiwan take?

The length of time it takes to transfer money to Taiwan depends on a variety of factors including the provider you use, how you’re paying, and how you want your recipient to get the money in the end.

From the providers that we display, the fastest international money transfer provider to Taiwan is XE, which can deliver the money to your recipient in Taiwan in 2-3 Days. The slowest provider to send AUD – TWD is XE, which takes 2-3 Days to send money to Taiwan.

Send money online with a credit card or debit card

Some specialist international money transfer providers do offer the option to fund transfers with a credit card or debit card. Paying for your transfer with a card can mean your funds are received quickly, so the provider can deposit the payment into the recipient’s account faster. However, this often comes with additional fees which might make it more expensive than paying by bank transfer.

Here’s a handy list of providers that support card payments:

  • XE: Online


When it comes to choosing the best provider for sending money to Taiwan from Australia, it really depends on what your needs are.

The cheapest provider shown in our comparison table is XE and the fastest is XE. If the transfer time is what you're interested in, then XE is the fastest to transfer money to Taiwan. XE can get your money to your recipient to Taiwan in 2-3 Days.

If safety is what interests you the most when it comes to picking the best international money transfer provider to Taiwan, then all the providers we listed above are regulated by different financial institutions and should be safe to send money to Taiwan with.

Frequently asked question when sending money from Australia to Taiwan

What is the best way to transfer money internationally?

There’s no single best way to transfer money to Taiwan. It all depends on your priorities. Different providers offer a different balance of cost, speed and convenience. Using our comparison tool to check out a range of providers is a good way to find the best option for you.

How to send money from Australia to Taiwan?

You can send money from Australia to Taiwan using your bank, a specialist money transfer service, an e-wallet, or by visiting a physical money remittance store. Each option has different pros and cons, so the best for you will depend on your specific transfer and personal requirements.

Can I send international money transfers from Australia to Taiwan for free?

You can’t send money to Taiwan from Australia for free. International transfers cost providers money to arrange, so there’s always a fee somewhere to make sure that the business covers its costs and generates profit. However, many providers choose to make the fees you pay trickier to spot by adding them into the exchange rates used for transfers.

When is the best time to transfer money from Australia to Taiwan?

There is no official best time to send money from Australia to Taiwan and that depends on a variety of factors such as when you need to send money or when you want the funds to be received. It’s also going to depend on a variety of other factors such as, the time when you send money or the fees you are offered by providers or banks.

How do I make sure my money is safe when transferring to Taiwan?

All of the providers on our site are financially regulated in the countries they operate and hold the necessary licences. They have the highest security measures in place for fraud prevention and identity protection. However, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.